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How can I receive MSDS or UN certification, etc. of the product?

Important data of products are provided only for products purchased through the head office or an official agent. MSDS or other certifications of the product can be received by requesting the staff at the head office or the sales agent from whom you purchased the product.

Is it possible to purchase battery cells for the purpose of personal use or for buying samples, etc.?

The lithium-ion battery cell manufactured by LG Energy Solution is sold only to industrial-use clients (e.g. battery pack manufacturers, system manufacturers, etc.).

LG Energy Solution does not sell lithium-ion battery cells (i.e. 18650, end cells) to individual consumers in order to prevent accidents while handling lithium-ion battery cells/packs and for its safe use.

Please do not purchase LG Energy Solution’s lithium-ion battery cells that circulate in electronic commerce. For details, please refer to the ‘Lithium-ion Battery Safety Guide’ posted on the website.

How can I purchase small quantities of battery cells?

If a business that is eligible to make purchases wishes to purchase small quantities of battery cells, please write down the purchase quantity and regional information in the Product Inquiry section and an PIC will get back to you with information on agencies. However, purchases may not be available depending on our inventory status.