Battery Innovation Contest (BIC)

  1. Nov. 2022 ~ Jan. 2023

    Proposal Submission

    All applicants must submit Research Proposal online.

    1. Research Proposal

    • The size of each file cannot exceed 10MB.
  2. Jan. - Feb. 2023

    Proposal Evaluation

    Relevant personnel from each research group will review the submitted proposals.

  3. Mar. 2023 ~

    Announcement and Contract Signing

    We will announce the proposal evaluation results by e-mail.
    The nominated proposals will go through contract signing process with LG Energy Solution.

Research Project Operation

Projects will start after signing contract. LG Energy solution will fund each project with maximum of $150,000 USD per year. The duration of the project can be extended after reviewing the outcomes of the projects. Each project leader has an obligation to provide progress reports at regular intervals during the contract period.