ESG Strategy

LG Energy Solution aims to become an eco-friendly company that puts the environment first, fulfills its social responsibilities, and creates sustainable future values in its business activities. To this end, we established an ESG vision of “We CHARGE toward a better future,” selecting and promoting 8 critical areas related to the environment, human rights, safety, and society, as well as four key areas including climate action, closed-loop recycling, human capital, and responsible supply chain management. By 2030, we plan to focus on managing four key areas by converting to 100% renewable energy, reusing waste batteries, eliminating human rights risks, and establishing a clean and transparent supply chain for raw materials and batteries that consider the environment and human rights.


We CHARGE toward
a better future

Climate Action Achieving carbon neutrality by 2050
LG Energy Solution is a leading company that plays a pivotal role in our transition into a carbon-neutral society. We seek to take initiative in responding to the global problem of climate change. We are reinforcing our cooperation with partners and related institutions to decrease energy use and greenhouse gas emissions at business sites, as well as to reduce carbon emissions in the battery industry in general. As part of our initiative to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, we plan to convert 100% of electric power used at all domestic and overseas business sites to renewable energy by 2030.
Virtuous Cycle of Resources Establishing a closed loop by 2025
With the rapid growth of the electric vehicle battery market, millions of tons of batteries are used every year, resulting in a steady increase in the number of used batteries. LG Energy Solution is developing ways to reuse these batteries for ESS. To minimize environmental contamination and create a closed loop of resources, we are conducting various research and collaborations to recycle process waste from manufacturing batteries.
Human Rights Management Creating risk-free business sites for human rights
LG Energy Solution recognizes that respect for human rights is the most critical element of business. Based on our management philosophies "People-oriented Management" and "Jeongdo Management," we established and declared "'Global Human Rights and Labor Policy" founded on guaranteeing and respecting human dignity and rights to freedom and happiness.
Human Capital Management Fostering diverse talent
To realize the full potential of our members' individual capabilities, LG Energy Solution is implementing an active management policy that respects our members' diversity, rooted in our people-oriented management. We will continue to enhance our organizational and human capital as well.
Product Responsibility 100% green products by 2023
To increase customer value, LG Energy Solution is committed to providing environmentally friendly and competitive materials and solutions to customers, contributing to creating a sustainable future for you. To this end, we are carrying out various activities to derive and provide efficient and valuable solutions in terms of environmental and economic aspects throughout the entire production process, from R&D to disposal.
Environmental Safety and Health Zero environmental safety accidents
LG Energy Solution is building and operating an organized environmental safety and health management system based on standards such as ISO14001 and ISO45001. Recognizing how essential these elements are for achieving our competitive edge, we are taking robust initiatives to eliminate accidents and continuously enhancing the system.
Responsible Supply Chain Management ESG evaluation of raw material suppliers conducted 100% by 2030
LG Energy Solution has established a code of conduct that suppliers must follow since 2016. It consists of regulations regarding human rights, labor rights, ethics, environmental sustainability, and responsible mineral procurement that suppliers must comply with to operate sustainable supply chains. From the stage of selecting new suppliers, we apply the code to verify the adequacy of their supply chain management system, and effectively supervise supply chain risks through evaluating and monitoring their sustainable management.
Shared Growth and Greater Impact on Local Communities Improving corporate image through cooperation for mutual growth
LG Energy Solution strives to create a battery ecosystem that grows together with its suppliers, with the belief that our competitive edge hinges on that of our suppliers. Furthermore, through efficient use of energy, we are fully utilizing our capabilities to solve various local community issues and endeavoring to bring about change.
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