Shareholder Return

LG Energy Solution is committed to leading the global battery market and achieving sustainable growth in the rapidly expanding industry and making large-scale investments to cater to the growing demand of customers is deemed inevitable for the time being.

Given this, the Company plans to observe business performance, investment plans, market environment, availability of dividend sources under the Commercial Act and other relevant factors comprehensively towards implementing a shareholder return policy at an appropriate time in the future where the Company generates stable surplus cash flow based on profitable growth.


In accordance with the Articles of Incorporation, the Company will decide on dividend payout through resolutions made at Board of Directors and general shareholder meetings.
* Article 44(Dividends) and Article 45(Interim Dividends) of Articles of Incorporation of LG Energy Solution)


Upon the establishment of a mid-to-long-term shareholder return, the Company will communicate it with shareholders through various channels such as information disclosure, earnings conference call, shareholder letter and the corporate website.