Kwon, Bong Seok Non-standing Director

Kwon, Bong Seok

  • Vice Chairman, COO of LG Corp
  • Former President, CEO of LG Electronics

Kwon, Bong SeokChairman
Non-standing Director

Kim, Dong Myung

Kim, Dong Myung

Mar. 2024 ~ Mar. 2027
  • Executive President, CEO of LG Energy Solution
  • Former Advanced Automotive Battery Division Leader of LG Energy Solution

Kim, Dong Myung Director

Lee Chang Sil Director

Lee, Chang Sil

Dec. 2020 ~ Mar. 2025
  • Executive Vice President, CFO & CSO of LG Energy Solution
  • Former Senior Vice President, Business Management Department of LG Chem

Lee, Chang Sil Director

Shin, Mee Nam Independent director

Shin, Mee Nam

Jun. 2021 ~ Mar. 2026
  • Former CEO of K Auction
  • Former President, Doosan Fuel Cell Business Unit

Shin, Mee Nam Independent director

Yeo, Mee Sook Independent director

Yeo, Mee Sook

Jun. 2021 ~ Mar. 2027
  • Professor, Hanyang University School of Law
  • Former Presiding Judge, Seoul High Court/Seoul Central District Court

Yeo, Mee Sook Independent director

Han, Seung Soo Independent director

Han, Seung Soo

Jun. 2021 ~ Mar. 2027
  • Professor, Korea University Business School
  • Vice Chairman, Korean Association for Accounting and Policy

Han, Seung Soo Independent director

Park, Jin Kyu Independent director

Park, Jin Kyu

Mar. 2023 ~ Mar. 2026
  • Specially appointed professor, University Research Institute Industry Collaboration Center, Korea University
  • Former 1st Vice Minister, Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy

Park, Jin KyuIndependent director

Guidelines on Independent Directors' Independence and Expertise & Diversity of the Board of Directors

LG Energy Solution’s Board of Directors constitutes more than majority of Independent directors in order to ensure the transparency and effectiveness of its governance structure and their reappointments are determined based on the evaluation of their activities and performance. In line with ‘Guidelines on the Expertise and Diversity of the Board of Directors’ and ‘Guidelines on Independent Directors’ Independence’, we strive to ensure that the Board consists of expert directors holding a diversity of experiences and perspectives to facilitate reasonably prudent decision-making process. We will continue to strengthen the independence, expertise and diversity of the Board and reinforce the sustainable governance system.

Corporate Governance Charter

LG Energy Solution established Corporate Governance Charter alongside Articles of Incorporation, which defines the company’s objectives and outlines the rules for its operations, in the belief that governance integrity promotes transparent and responsible business activities, which serve as a foundation to fulfilling social responsibility and creating sustainable values of the company.
Based on this Corporate Governance Charter, LG Energy Solution protects the rights of shareholders and treats them fairly; establishes the transparency and accountability of the business through the Board of Directors and the Audit Bodies, which are structured and operated in an independent and experts manner; and strives to be a socially responsible company that respects the rights of various stakeholders.