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Dec 2020
Kim, Dong-Myung

(as of 2023)


(as of 2023)


Domestic 12,166
Overseas 23,598

The Start of Korea’s Battery History

Lithium-Ion Battery

The Start of Korea’s Battery History

Mass-Produced Cylindrical
Lithium-Ion Batteries

The Start of Korea’s Battery History

the World’s
First Mass-Produced
EV Batteries (GM Volt)

The Start of Korea’s Battery History

‘Ultium Cells’
with GM

Building a Strong Business Portfolio

Leading the future energy industry by developing Advanced Automotive Battery, Mobility & IT Battery,
and ESS Battery enterprises, which are key for the green energy transition.

Advanced Automotive Battery

Contributing to the popularization of electric vehicles with the world’s best high-tech battery products

  • EV
  • PHEV
  • HEV
  • μ-HEV
  • Cell
  • Module
  • Pack
  • BMS

Mobility & IT Battery

Leading wireless innovation by actively targeting new markets, such as IT and LEV

  • ITEquipment
  • Power Tools
  • LEV
  • Cylindrical
  • Pouch
  • Free-Form

ESS Battery

Unlocking the smart grid era by providing various ESS battery products

  • Grids
  • Commercial
  • UPS
  • Residential
  • Cell
  • Module
  • Pack

Land, Sea, Air & Beyond into Space

LG Energy Solution become the first supplier in the industry
of electric vehicles, electric ships, drones, and battery-powered spacesuits.


Developer of lightweight, high-powered drone batteries


Supplier for the world’s first eco-friendly hybrid ship made by a Norwegian shipbuilding company

Electric Vehicles

Supplier for 13 of the top 20 global automotive brands


Supplier of battery-powered spacesuits for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)