We provide diverse
energy solutions for
a better world.

We will create new values unique to LG Energy Solution.

Dec 2020
Kwon, Young Soo

(as of 2022)

KRW 25.6 trillion

(as of 2022.12)


Domestic 10,442
Overseas 23,735

The Start of Korea’s Battery History

Lithium-Ion Battery

The Start of Korea’s Battery History

Mass-Produced Cylindrical
Lithium-Ion Batteries

The Start of Korea’s Battery History

the World’s
First Mass-Produced
EV Batteries (GM Volt)

The Start of Korea’s Battery History

‘Ultium Cells’
with GM

Building a Strong Business Portfolio

Leading the future energy industry by developing Advanced Automotive Battery, Mobility & IT Battery,
and ESS Battery enterprises, which are key for the green energy transition.

Advanced Automotive Battery

Contributing to the popularization of electric vehicles with the world’s best high-tech battery products

  • EV
  • PHEV
  • HEV
  • μ-HEV
  • Cell
  • Module
  • Pack
  • BMS

Mobility & IT Battery

Leading wireless innovation by actively targeting new markets, such as IT and LEV

  • ITEquipment
  • Power Tools
  • LEV
  • Cylindrical
  • Pouch
  • Free-Form

ESS Battery

Unlocking the smart grid era by providing various ESS battery products

  • Grids
  • Commercial
  • UPS
  • Residential
  • Cell
  • Module
  • Pack

Land, Sea, Air & Beyond into Space

LG Energy Solution become the first supplier in the industry
of electric vehicles, electric ships, drones, and battery-powered spacesuits.


Developer of lightweight, high-powered drone batteries


Supplier for the world’s first eco-friendly hybrid ship made by a Norwegian shipbuilding company

Electric Vehicles

Supplier for 13 of the top 20 global automotive brands


Supplier of battery-powered spacesuits for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)