LG Energy Solution established the compliance standard required for the operation of the compliance program led by a Compliance Officer.

The Compliance Officer supervises compliance activities in accordance with the compliance standard by inspecting the compliance status of the company and its employees, implementing the improvement measures for the existing company policies which may violate the relevant laws and regulations.

Roles and Responsibilities of Compliance Officer / Team

  1. Implementation of
    compliance standards

  2. Preventative and
    improvement measures
    to reduce legal risks

  3. Formation and
    implementation of
    compliance education

  4. Compliance activity
    review and result

Management Method of Compliance Activities

LG Energy Solution has implemented an unique compliance activities management method - selecting an individual theme as a priority control target. This prioritize management method per theme enables the Team to evaluate the issues, establish the solution, and engage in intensive, in-depth improvement of individual risk.

Core Tasks

  1. 01

    Theme Selection

    • Factors to Consider
    • - Possibility of occurrence of
      an illegal activity
    • - Effects on the company
    • - Legal trends etc.
  2. 02

    Risk Evaluation

    • Check current work status,
    • Review document/data
    • Conduct the interviews of
      relevant parties, etc.
  3. 03


    • Establish improvement
    • Support other departments
    • Provide training
  4. 04


    • Measure/Evaluate
    • Provide additional
      support (if necessary)

Compliance Guidelines


Honesty and integrity for our customers

  • Responsible marketing
  • Product safety
  • High Product/Service standards
  • Privacy and data protection

The best organization for our employees

  • Fair employment
  • Respectful workplace interactions
  • A healthy and safe workplace

Fair dealing for our business partners & the market

  • Responsibly gathering competitive information
  • Proper use of other’s information
  • Fair competition
  • Fair competition: dealing with competitors
  • Fair competition: dealing with channel partners and suppliers
  • Fair competition: careful communication
  • Respect for others’ intellectual property
  • No bribes or improper payments

Caring for our communities

  • Environmental protection
  • Responsible international trade

Superior returns for our shareholders

  • Information security and confidentiality
  • Protection of company intellectual property
  • Proper electronic communication
  • Good record keeping and retention
  • Responsibly handling inside information
  • Careful public disclosure