EH&S Management

LG Energy Solution operates various activities and training programs to improve safety culture and strives to manage safety culture through systematic safety audit.

Improvement of Safety Culture

LG Energy Solution is engaged in various activities to establish its own safety culture not only for facilities and equipment but also for workers.

  • Introduction of behavior-based safety (BBS) program: Change unstable behavior, which causes accidents, into safe behavior through observation and guidance between colleagues. Promote safe behavior through compliments.
  • Promote the leader's on-site management activities and each organization's own safe culture activities to prevent accidents.
  • Strengthen the on-site capability to prevent a recurrence of an accident by reflecting safety environment accidents in the evaluation of employees according to their gravity.

LG Energy Solution’s each site identifies the needs for safety, health
and environment training and establishes a yearly training plan for its employees and partners.

Training courses
customized for
different positions
and duties

(beginner, basic,
and professional

Training for all
sites and

(Improving member
mindset on

Training for new
recruits and those
whose duties
have been

(Safety and health
training before
initiating field jobs)

Training for
workers who
conduct special

(Specialized content
for high-risk

Regular training
programs for the
employees of

(Emphasis on
suppliers' safety
management )

LG Energy Solution's safety environment Audit system is divided into regular Audit,
planned Audit, and special Audit.

Regular Audit

Management systems, process safety,
facility and work safety, occupational
health, fire and hazardous materials,
environment, etc.

Planned Audit

Partner safety Audit, facility safety
management, emergency response
system, implementation check, etc.

Special Audit

Sites where serious disasters have
occurred or where disasters are
likely to occur

LG Energy Solution minimizes the potential health risks of its employees by creating a
health management culture through various health promotion activities.

Operate a medical office for each site.

Carry out customized comprehensive
health examination every year for
employees who are over 35 years old
and those who have served for the
company for more than 5 years.

Provide in-depth psychological
diagnosis through a professional
counselor by operating a psychology
counseling center and establishing a
referral process with hospitals.

In order to ensure a safe and pleasant work environment, LG Energy Solution requests outside experts to assess harmful
factors in the work environment every year The company reviews the work environment by establishing internal standards that
are stronger than legal standards.
In addition, the company constantly makes efforts to ensure that all employees work in pleasant work environment by
conducting audit and prevention activities for musculoskeletal disorders and conducting inspection of local exhaust systems.
The company will continue to strive to achieve the highest work environment safety level in the industry.

Continued effort to improve our environment

Wastewater management

LG Energy Solution manages the water quality targets at business sites and monitors the levels rigorously to reduce water pollutant emissions. It has resulted in a significant decline in wastewater. To comply with the water quality management targets at business sites and minimize the environmental impact caused by wastewater, we apply various measures, such as developing wastewater concentration technology, improving the existing wastewater treatment system, and upgrading the management of water pollutants.

Air quality management

LG Energy Solutions is steadily working hard to reduce air pollutant emissions. To minimize the impact of pollutants on the air, we are adequately responding to stricter air environment regulations, carrying out various improvements such as continuous environmental monitoring using cutting-edge technology, and eliminating odors from business sites by controlling odor sources.

Industrial waste management

In order to minimize the environmental impact of industrial waste, LG Energy Solution has established a waste reduction strategy that curtails the amount of waste generated and achieves net-zero waste through recycling. We established a closed-loop process that limits environmental pollution to our full extent and circulates more resources than ever.

[Closed-Loop Process]
By recycling scraps from the manufacturing process and waste batteries that cannot be reused, we increase the rate of resource circulation, contributing to the conservation of our environment.