Job description

Material/Cell Development

  • Organic/inorganic materials synthesis and analyzation, researach properties of metal/polymer materials
  • Next-generation battery technology, materials and processing technology

Pack/BMS Development

  • Mechanical/Structure design & Optimization
    and Process design
  • Battery prediction & control algorithms, HW & SW design for Battery
    Management System, Development Electrical & electronic components

Systems Development/Simulation/Analysis

  • Analyze and Design battery system requirements, Develop and Optimize
    standard systems
  • Material Informatics, Algorithm Development, Computational Chemistry
  • Organic/Inorganic Analysis, Shape Analysis, Image Analysis, Surface Analysis

R&D Planning

  • R&D strategy, Technology cooperation, Open innovation

Platform Development

  • Develop App/Web, Cloud Data Platform, MLOps Platform and IoT Devices 


  • AI/ML-based prediction & control battery remaining useful life,
    Electrochemical/Physics battery Modeling, Improve production process
    Adaptive battery control, material informatics

Patent Management

  • Develop and Strengthen domestic/foreign patents strategy
  • Patent litigation/licensing/contracts, Strengthen patent portfolio and analyze risks
  • Design, Trademark Applications, and Registration