Winwin Growth

LG Energy Solution has established and implemented a mutual growth policy that fosters a fair trade culture and supports the long-term and substantial growth of our suppliers. Through this policy that provides various support, we are working hard to establish a sustainable shared growth system that strengthens cooperative relationships and enhances the competitive edge of suppliers.

  1. 1 Creating a Fair Trade Culture

    • Instructing legal and institutional compliance to members
    • Introducing standard subcontracts
    • Practicing Jeongdo Management, CP Activities
  2. 2 Providing financial support and improving payment conditions

    • Establishing 150 billion won in investment funding for mutual growth
    • Offering special funding from LG Energy Solution
    • Introduction of mutual growth payment system
  3. 3 Pursuing mutual growth through safe environments and eco-friendly business

    • Evaluation of facilities and workplace safety
    • Sharing eco-friendly partnership
    • Establishing inspection systems for material compositions
    • Agreement for mutual growth through safety and health
    • Support for acquiring safety and health management certification (Kosha18001)
  4. 4 Building capacity of suppliers
    • Using domestic parts and equipment
    • Technical support for suppliers
    • Support for product analysis and testing
    • Protection for supplier technologies (joint patent applications)
    • Support in domestic and foreign markets
  5. 5 Sharing information and exchanging ideas

    • Operating purchasing portals
    • Operating cooperative channels for mutual growth with SMEs
    • On-site visits and meetings with suppliers
    • Operating grievance feedback channels for suppliers