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*If you want a cylindrical battery, please choose a Mobility & IT Battery business.

Batteries are only traded to battery pack manufacturers and system integrators.
Batteries cannot be traded by nor sold to individual consumers in separate markets.

Privacy Policy

1. Personal Information Collected

A. The company collects the following types of personal information to respond to your inquiries and provide consultation.
B. The information below may be automatically generated or collected when you use the Service.

- Service usage records (access date and time), IP address, and communication content (When you talk with a consultant at the customer service center, your call will be recorded to safeguard your rights and improve the quality of services.)

2. Purposes of Collecting and Using Personal Information

A. LG Energy Solution collects and uses personal information to provide customized services to their customers.
B. LG Energy Solution collects and uses personal information to process customers' various questions and requests by confirming their identification or to notify customers about services that have been improved or changed.

3. Period for Holding and Using Personal Information

If you do not want our company to hold your personal information, you may request that we delete it at any time. The information below shall be kept for the specified period for the reasons listed.
Holding information according to our internal policies - Retained items: Name, email, contact number, type of inquiry, subject, and content - Retention Reason: Preventing service interference and cooperating in the investigations of illegal users - Retention period: 3 months from the date of processing the inquiry