Protecting Our Planet

Rechargeable battery is a key product in driving the transition to the decarbonized society. LG Energy Solution is committed to minimizing adverse environmental impacts of its business activities and to delivering sustainable values through our products and services.

Beyond Carbon Neutrality

LG Energy Solution is committed to providing sustainable values to customers and society, and climate action is essential in that journey. We strive to improve energy efficiency, accelerate the transition to renewable energy, engage our suppliers in climate action, thereby minimizing greenhouse gas emissions generated in our business activities. To this end, LG Energy Solution has declared the goal to achieve carbon neutrality in the entire supply chain by 2050 and set interim targets and implementation roadmap. Taking a step further, LG Energy Solution aims to go carbon negative beyond neutral and advance climate action in collaboration with local communities and stakeholders.



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Carbon Neutrality
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Carbon Neutrality
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Carbon Negativity

Safeguarding Natural Systems

LG Energy Solution considers environmental responsibility goes beyond simply complying with environmental regulations. We deem it necessary to minimize adverse impact of our business activities on the ecosystem and to contribute to creating a sustainable future. By integrating environmental considerations into our business, LG Energy Solution aims to achieve sustainable growth.

LG Energy Solution’s Environmental Management System (EMS)

With a view to enhancing environmental performance, including natural resource uses and toxic emissions from operations, LG Energy Solution operates an environmental management system based on ISO14001. Further, by linking environmental performance with key performance indicators for the evaluation of the leadership including our Safety and Environment Officer in charge of the company-wide environmental, health and safety management, we intend to achieve environmental sustainability.

An ISO-based

LG Energy Solution has obtained ISO14001 certifications for all of its core operations globally, including manufacturing sites and R&D centers; and conducts surveillance and renewal audits at each business site. To ensure that our environmental management system complies with applicable environmental laws, as well as company-wide and global standards, we carry out a semi-annual internal review as well as corrective and preventative measures against non-compliance.

Ensuring the
Adequacy and
Validity of the

LG Energy Solution conducts regular inspections of our environmental management activities and takes necessary measures to improve, correct, and prevent non-compliance. To ensure the compliance and validity as well as continue to improve our environmental management system, we assess on a regular basis the extent to which targets are met and activities at all business sites. Based on the results of the evaluation, we intend to revisit and enhance the environmental standards every year for an efficient and organized operation of the environmental management system.

Circular Economy

With the rapid expansion of electric vehicles market and increase in demand for batteries, it has become critical how to deal with end-of-life batteries. With a view to minimizing environmental impacts and creating sustainable values by applying end-of-life batteries for different uses, LG Energy Solution has shifted from the linear to circular approach and is establishing a circular economy for batteries through reusing, reconditioning, refurbishing, and recycling end-of-life batteries, as applicable, and developing business models to optimize the process.