R&D Field

LG Energy Solution aims to strengthen our competitive edge by researching advanced automotive batteries such as BEV and PHEV, mobile and IT batteries for smartphones, e-mobility, power tools, and energy storage system (ESS) batteries for power grid and residential use. We are exploring new business areas for future growth, including recycling, reusing, and the development of next-generation batteries.

We are constantly making efforts to discover new promising opportunities through continued investment in R&D and securing and converging advanced core technologies. In particular, we are concentrating on developing new products and enhancing the competitiveness of our current business, focusing on core technologies such as next-generation high-capacity/high-safety materials and advanced battery manufacturing processes.

Major Fields of Research

  • Battery materials

    -Research on future technology of Materials, Process , and Next Generation Battery
    - Pack/BMS Future Technology Study
  • Advanced Automotive Battery

    PEV / PHEV battery
  • Mobility & IT Battery

    lithium-ion cylindrical battery / lithium-ion polymer battery
  • ESS Battery

    Grids / Residential