Fulfilling Social Responsibility

With the cross-cutting theme of resilience and in line with the three strategic directions, namely, shared resilience, social resilience, and environmental resilience, LG Energy Solution implements various activities that aim to bring sustainable changes for the environment, society, and future generations that we need to protect.

Employee Volunteer Programs

LG Energy Solution offers our employees the opportunity to participate in community outreach and support activities, as a means to inspire a sense of gratitude and happiness. We have put in place a “volunteer leave” system, which grants paid leaves to members who participate in volunteer activities, including those planned on their own as well as those organized by the company in order to create an environment where members can leverage own initiative and willingness.

Hamsori Outreach

"Hamsori," meaning "Together with Ensol," is a community outreach and support program for employees based in Seoul, Daejeon, and Ochang. Based on the survey conducted in 2022 on areas and types of activities that employees are interested in engaging, the activities are planned and rolled out on a monthly basis.

Ensol Touch (Donation Kiosk)

"Ensol Touch" is a kiosk system that enables employees’ donations to the vulnerable at their fingertips. The kiosks are installed in various locations in each of the domestic sites, such as at the entrance, lounges, and restaurants. The kiosks display stories of the recipient, selected in consultation with local social welfare institutions, for a week. The employees can read about and donate, on a voluntary basis, by tagging ID card on the screen.

Supporting Communities Around Our Business

LG Energy Solution carries out a variety of activities to support and grow with the local communities near our global business sites. In addition to supporting vulnerable groups in the communities, we work to make green energy more accessible and affordable and provide energy welfare through the installation of renewable energy facilities.

Hope Green Power Plant

LG Energy Solution produces eco-friendly power through solar power generation facilities and directs the proceeds to the "Hope Green Energy Center" to support vulnerable youth, improve energy infrastructure, and foster young environmental leaders. Through a partnership with local governments and NGOs, a 410kW solar power plant was installed in December 2020 at the Cheongju Northern Transit Center. Welfare funds from the plant operation are expected to amount to about KRW 800 million to 1 billion, with 4,900 tons of greenhouse gases reduced (244 tons per year) over 20 years. Hope Green Energy Center will continue to pursue welfare projects for vulnerable groups in Chungcheongbuk-do through a steering committee consisting of public institutions, environmental organizations, and residents' self-governing committees.

Key Community Support Activities by Business Site

Providing Opportunities for Self-Reliance

LG Energy Solution operates various programs for local underprivileged children and youth to help them become self-reliant, independent members of society.

Dream Trees
(Sharing Dreams Onstage)

The Dream Trees is a program that supports children and youth with developmental disabilities who have artistic talent but do not have access to educational opportunities. We consider recommendations from professional institutions to identify the talents, and support them through 1:1 customized education and art therapy to foster musical or art talent.
After the completion of the program, they will be able to exhibit or perform their works on stage set up at the "Entral Park" at the headquarters.
In addition, we plan to produce and sell merchandise using their art works to employees and donate the proceeds to vulnerable groups.
The program will also register the graduates to the art exhibition platform operated by Disabled, a social enterprise specialized in discovering and planning exhibitions for artists with developmental disabilities.
It will help the graduates continue the artistic activities and pursue careers.

Fostering Talented Youth

LG Energy Solution supports the dreams of socially and economically vulnerable youth in order to develop the next generation of talent. We aim to help reduce inequality of educational opportunities and foster the growth of talented youth into contributing members of the society. Every year, we provide educational expenses of middle and high school students to cultivate young talents and undertake residential environment improvement projects to enhance the living conditions of vulnerable families. In doing so, we intend to raise the level of satisfaction and happiness of young people.