Open Innovation

LG Energy Solution is expanding collaborations with academia, industry, and startups
to resolve challenging obstacles and accelerate the technological development of batteries.

As a leader in the battery industry, we strive to upgrade our capability and establish a global innovation ecosystem for battery technologies to achieve continued growth.
We operate various open innovation programs to network with experts in a wide range of fields, discover novel ideas, and support their commercialization.

Battery Innovation Contest (BIC)

University/Institution Research Grant Program

Innovative discoveries and ideas are often generated in the labs of universities/institutions. Through the Battery Innovation Contest (BIC), LG Energy Solution supports R&D expenses of the battery researchers to encourage more challenging research. Researchers are guaranteed freedom to design and conduct experiments in their own creative approaches, and the direction of technology development will be discussed with LG researchers so that their innovative ideas can be transformed into commercialization.

The Battery Challenge

Battery Industry Startup Competition Program

A biennial event, hosted by LG Energy Solution and run by American startup accelerator New Energy Nexus, where selected startups cooperate to conduct joint R&D and venture projects, resulting in a win-win growth.

Innovation Forum

International Battery Experts’ Open Forum

Experts from around the world discuss the latest research trends in the battery industry and analyze the possibilities and direction of future development of battery technology.

  • Sang-Young Lee │ Polymer Electrolyte Design for Semi-Solid Li Batteries

  • Shirley Meng │ Understanding the Interfacial Phenomena in All Solid State Batteries

  • Linda Nazar │ Superionic Solid Electrolytes for Solid State Batteries

  • Overview of Battery R&D │ Stanley Whittingham (Full ver)