Safety and Health System

LG Energy Solution introduced a systematic environmental safety and health management system,
including ISO45001 and continuously enhances it through third-party inspections and management reviews.

EH&S Management

LG Energy Solution publically announced its will for management based on safety, health and environment and established the EH&S management principles to suggest its overall directions. Based on these principles, LG Energy Solution established a set of standards for job implementation and rules/practices for work handling procedure to smoothly perform the works of business sites.


SE Policy shall be a top level document of management system that means Corporation mission and direction officially announced by the CEO


SE Standards shall regulate responsibilities, requirements and general procedures applicable to all sites.


SE Requirements shall regulate specific methods or measures for detailed or general procedure set in Standards.


SE Procedures shall be independent standards for individual sites including corporate HQ. Those Rules shall be practice document linked with SE regulations and practices.

Plan Leadership

  • SE management system manual
  • SE policy

Plan Planning

  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Risk Assessment
  • Standard on SE Compliance Management
  • Standard on SE Objective and Target Management
  • Standard on New Business & New Investment SE Risk Management

Plan Support

  • Standard on SE Training Management
  • Standard on SE Communication Management
  • Standard on SE Document Management

Do Operation

  • Standard on Chemicals Management
  • Standard on Supplier/Contractor SE Management
  • Standard on Emergency Preparedness and Response Management
  • Standard on Health Management
  • Standard on Process Safety Information Management
  • Standard on Work Permit Management
  • Standard on Pre-Start SE Inspection
  • Standard on Management of Change
  • Standard on Fire Protection and Safety Management
  • Standard on Safe Operating Procedure Control
  • Standard on Transport SE Management
  • Standard on Product Stewardship Management
  • Standard General Environmental Management

Check Performance Assessment

  • Safety Environment Monitoring and Performance Management
  • Accident Reporting and Investigation
  • Internal Safety Environment Audit

Act Improvement

  • Safety Environment Management Review
  • Corrective Actions for Non-conformities in the Safety Environment