Managing ESG Risks at Our Operating Sites

LG Energy Solution operates an ESG risk management framework across our business sites as part of its battery value chain ESG risk management.

Operating Sites ESG Risk Management Framework

LG Energy Solution works to identify and address potential ESG risks and thereby ensure the compliance with ESG-related regulations at each of its business sites under the company-wide ESG risk management framework. We intend to roll out an ESG risk management process on a regular basis, encompassing self-assessment, on-site audit verified by a third-party, identification and planning of corrective actions, and continuous monitoring of their implementation. We also work to disclose information in a transparent manner on procedures and outcomes of the evaluation as well as the implementation status of measures for improvement.


Promoting Global Recognition

LG Energy Solution also works to ensure our policies, procedures, management systems and operations at both corporate and facility levels meet international standards in conjunction with internationally recognized certification process such as ISO.

· Status of ESG-related Certifications Acquired (As of March 2023)

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  • ISO14001

    Environmental management systems

    All global manufacturing subsidiaries and R&D Campuses

  • ISO45001

    OHS Management Systems

    All global manufacturing subsidiaries and R&D campuses

  • ISO50001

    Energy management systems

    Domestic plant and NJ manufacturing subsidiary in China

  • ISO37301

    Compliance management systems

    Domestic sites (the headquarters) and NJ manufacturing subsidiary in China

  • ISO27001

    Information security management systems

    Domestic sites (Ochang Energy Plant and R&D Campuses * TISAX certification acquired at WA subsidiary in Poland

  • ISO22301

    Business Continuiy management systems

    Domestic sites (the headquarters and Ochang Energy Plant)

* Plans in place to expand certifications as relevant and appropriate