Battery Innovation Contest (BIC)


Program Introduction

Battery Innovation Contest (BIC) is a battery research grant program that supports novel proposals from universities and research institutions from all over the world. Since the launch of the BIC program in 2017, LG Energy Solution has funded 4 million dollars for 26 highly innovative battery research projects. The winner of this contest will be granted up to $150,000 per year for multi-year research activities and may also have the opportunity to collaborate with LG Energy Solution researchers. We highly encourage those inspired scholars with cutting-edge ideas to apply for the BIC 2022 and to innovate the future of battery technologies with LG Energy Solution.



Nov. 2022 ~ Jan. 2023

Online proposal submission

Jan. - Feb. 2023

Application review

Mar. 2023

Notify selections

Apr. 2023~

Contract signing

Aug. 2023

Dispatch of LG researchers

*if needed

Research Topic

The research may focus on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to the following:

Next gen. anode material

Silicon oxide, Silicon-carbon composite, Pure-Si, Conversion materials, Alloy materials, Lithium metal, Lithiophilic layer

Next gen cathode material

High Ni, Lithium rich cathode, Manganese rich, Single crystal, Cobalt free, Sulfur, Sulfur-carbon composite

Advanced Electrolyte

Ionic liquid, Nonflammable electrolyte, Antioxidant electrolyte, High ionic conductivity electrolyte

Solid electrolyte

Oxide electrolyte, Sulfide electrolyte, Polymer based electrolyte, Hybrid electrolyte

Battery management system

Wireless BMS, Sensor, Remaining Useful Life, SOX prediction, Control, Communication

Computational modeling

AI central processing model, Synthetic simulation, Automatic analysis


Other areas that need innovative solutions