Advanced Automotive Battery

Leading the widespread distribution of electric vehicles by creating batteries with the most advanced technology in the world

Core Competitiveness

LG Energy Solution is taking the lead in popularizing electric vehicles that are safe, fast, and environmentally friendly through cells, modules, BMS (Battery Management System), and pack products for electric vehicle batteries, the culmination of our most innovative battery pack technology.

Building upon our experience of various projects with the world's leading manufacturers, we are creating a new battery ecosystem that encompasses the entire cycle from producing batteries to reusing waste batteries.

Optimal total solution
technological edge

Total solutions that provide optimal BMS and technical support for cells, modules, packs, and products based on state-of-the-art technology


The ideal
partner for
global automakers

Execution of over 70 global projects with products, materials, and technologies based on 30 years of R&D experience


Four-way global production system highly accessible to customers and markets

We have established the highest number of global production bases in the industry in Korea, China, USA and Poland have long-standing production experience to respond properly to customers and markets.


Total Battery Solution

- Capable of developing and mass-producing new products with tailored specifications.

- Offers a total solution from cell to module, including BMS.

Total Battery Solution

*Standard BMS: Universal application to all products expected by 2024.

EV Solution

Extended Driving Distances

Extended Driving Distances

LG Energy Solution high energy density battery enables driving longer distances.

Lighter Vehicle Weight

Extended Driving Distances

Lightweight battery significantly enhances driving efficiency which is more crucial for commercial vehicles.

Quick Charging

Extended Driving Distances

Quick Charging performance maximizes profits by providing extended driving hours and distances. The more miles you drive, the more money you earn.

Space Efficiency

Extended Driving Distances

Various dimension of batteries solve commercial vehicle’s limited space by maximizing space efficiency.


Our pouch-type battery cells can be produced in various lengths and widths, which is conducive to enhancing the battery capacity and allows optimization of battery cells

Core Technologies

High capacity for
long-distance driving
Higher power output
than internal
combustion engines
High-speed charging

Uni-direction Cell

Bi-direction Cell

Long Cell

Low Height Cell

Modules and packs can be produced in various designs to accommodate the client's end product.

Core Technologies

Efficient Cooling
Proven Mechanical

Length Difference

Height Difference

Width Difference

Tall Pack

Narrow Pack

Stepped Pack

Flat Pack

A wide range of BMS is available from 50V to 800V.

Core Technologies

Smart Control for Extended
Battery lifetime
Meticulous Diagnosis for
High Safety
Strict development process
for Global standard

Low voltage : ~ 50V

Light EV : ~ 100V

EV : ~ 500V

Commercial EV :
~ 800V


Passenger Vehicles

Battery Electric Vehicle(BEV)

Zero-emission vehicle using the pure electric energy of the battery for driving

Porsche Taycan
Fast charging
a long drive
500km or more

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle(PHEV)

The vehicle has the characteristics of EV and internal combustion engine vehicle, being capable of driving short distances using electricity and long distances using the engine.

Volvo XC90
Pure electricity
80km or more

Hybrid Electric Vehicle(HEV)

Driving optimized through combination of engine and motor depending on the driving conditions High fuel economy through improved output

Supplements the engine
through high output

Grandeur HEV

Micro Hybrid Electric Vehicle(μ-HEV)

Improved fuel economy through the supplementary driving power of the battery

Supplements electric power
for the electric units in the vehicle

Audi Q7

Commercial Vehicles

Electric Bus

Eco-friendly urban transportation equipped with reliable battery.

Electric Light & Heavy Duty Truck

Economic freight delivery solution equipped with powerful battery.

Electric Utility Vehicle

Multi-purpose vehicle suitable for outdoor activity

Electric Vessel

With Vessel electrification, reliable LG Energy Solution battery contributes to sustainable marine ecosystem.

Urban Air Mobility

Robust design of battery provides safe and reliable solution to UAM industry.

* Under development

Commercial Vehicles

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LG Energy Solution’s xEV Batteries in the Field (’09~’21)

LG Energy Solution has been awarded 79 projects from 24 Global OEMs across Europe, North America, and Asia.

BEV 1,880K Vehicles 475.1M Cells
PHEV 890K Vehicles 179.2M Cells
HEV 1,550K Vehicles 162.4M Cells
μ-HEV 3,050K Vehicles 95.3M Cells